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Canna COGr Vega A+B

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CANNA COGr Vega is a complete professional nutrient for the growing period of plants in COGr boards.

COGr Vega contains all the essential elements for optimal growing. COGr nutrition also contains pH-stabilisers and humic and fulvic acids.

Once the COGr slabs have been soaked in COGr Buffering Agent, feed with a dedicated COGr Vega feed during the vegetative stage and change to COGr Flores during the flowering period. These nutrients contain added humic and fulvic acids for improved nutrient uptake as well as silicon for increased resistance to pests and disease.

A 2 litre pack of CANNA COGr nutrients (1 litre A and 1 litre B) makes up to 250 litres of full strength nutrient. This is a universal formulation for hard and soft water.

Size: 1L

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