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Clonex Mist

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Known as a “clone in a bottle”, this foliar spray boasts jaw-dropping results. Studies have proven regular use of Clonex to produce 30% longer roots and an incredible 156% increase in root quantity.

With this larger, stronger network, roots benefit in almost every way possible. They can reach further to take in water; they anchor the plant through adverse weather; and they increase nutrient absorption, producing larger plants and greater yields in the future.

Directions for use:

Clonex is designed for seedlings and cuttings to help them through their youngest, most vulnerable stages. However, it may also be used as a pre-treatment for mother plants.

Ideally, spray the tips of the mother plant with Clonex Mist once or twice in the two weeks before taking cuttings. Once you have taken new cuttings, spray them Clonex Mist and place them into a propagator. Repeat misting every two days, or before if the cuttings look dry.

For best results, apply to young cuttings every other day. If plants appear dry, it is safe to apply the mist more often.

Clonex may be used to accelerate root growth at any stage, but it is specially developed for the challenging conditions of young plants, or as a protective application for mother plants.

Size: 300ml

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