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Cultiwool Cubes

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Cultiwool Grow Cubes offer a stress free growing experience for you and your plants. Giving you seedlings and cuttings the best chance at a stress-free growing environment.

Few things appear as insignificant as a grow cube, in comparison to the other parts of your hydroponic setup; however whilst appearing seemingly insignificant, the grow cube gives you a different growing experience protecting and providing the perfect substrate for your cuttings and seedlings to develop strong roots and a well aerated root zone.

Directions for use:

Prepare your cubes by cleaning and soaking them in your chosen nutrient solution. Once completed, drop your seeds in and keep them away from light (put 1-3 seeds in the centre of each cube and push them down 1-2 inches). Place them on a growing tray away from light, once the seeds have germinated bring the seeds into light as required. After 3-4 true leaves appear, plant/plug them into your hydroponic setup.

Size: 3" (75mm x 75mm x 65mm)

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